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2020 Best of the Beat: Winston-Salem/Forsyth Edition

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Best of the Beat 2020This is our very first Best of the Beat, and in the making of it we addressed some of the biggest problems I’ve had with the form and corrected a few of our own mistakes along the way.

For one, our vote is honest. This was not one of those deals where people can vote every hour, stuffing the ballot box with spam votes, often from people who don’t even live here. In our contest, each reader gets exactly one ballot, making the results more useful and trustworthy.

It has also been my experience that in Triad-wide contests of this nature, Greensboro tends to dominate the results while Winston-Salem gets marginalized. So we’ve broken our contest into two tiers with our first dedicated solely to Forsyth County and the Camel City. We’ll run a Guilford poll in early 2021, and the winners will face off in the Best of the Beat — Triad-Wide contest later in the year.

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