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Fast Facts – Winston-Salem, NC

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Community DirectoryCan we sum up our city on one page? Well, no. Yet, we’re an ambitious lot, so here goes. All this, and much more, are explored on this web site.

Smitty’s Notes is a hyperlocal source covering news, events and special interest stories in Winston-Salem, NC and local vicinities (better known as the Piedmont – Triad Region).

Whether it’s a festival, wine-tasting in nearby vineyard country, a great restaurant to check out, the music scene, or evening entertainment, Smitty – Winston-Salem’s unofficial host – keeps the community well informed.  SmittysNotes.com is a springboard for the monthly newsletter, Smitty’s Notes: The meat-and-potatoes of Winston-Salem news and events.

Want a synopsis of Winston-Salem, NC? Check out Fast Facts!

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