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Owner and editor of since 1997. Smitty’s Notes is a web site and monthly e-newsletter that began 1997 with about a dozen subscribers to inform residents and newcomers of events happening in and around Winston-Salem. Today, Smitty’s Notes and rank among the most powerful information sources in Winston-Salem.

SN Farewell

Greetings, Smittyheads, Funny how time changes our perception of time. If you had asked me in 1997 whether “Smitty” and Smitty’s Notes would be around for 27 years I would’ve just chuckled.  But the laugh was on me. I never dreamed my little sideline would have grown in so many ways …
Fairgrounds Arena Concert Series - 2024

The Winston-Salem Fairgrounds presents the 2024 Indoor Concert Series indoors at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Arena!  The intimate setting of the Fairgrounds will make you feel right at home and up close, no matter where you sit! Featuring Jeffrey Osborne with Keith Washington, Josh Turner with Greylan James, Kem with Envision, …
The Slash

Our curator @lawrendesai has been working on a special project these past few months – a/ podcast! It’s called “What’s Up With The Slash?” Join her in unraveling the real talk behind a/perture cinema, films, and the non-profit hustle. From curating films to navigating the business world and embracing female entrepreneurship, …
WS Downtown Newsletter

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Winston-Salem Eats

A lot of the pop up and dinners are around. There is no central web site to go. You just need to see them in your newsfeed or word of mouth.  Smitty’s Notes did a successful dinner program for 10 years called “Evening with Eight – Plus Smitty!” It paired …
Elevated Supper Club

Elevated Catering Company is launching our Elevated Supper Clubs! Our First Dining Experience will be March 7th at Stem Beverage & Supply in downtown Winston Salem. Tickets are limited so head over to our website to purchase yours today! This link is for signing up for the membership:…/supper-club-member/ …
What to Eat in Winston-Salem

Long viewed as culinary flyover country, Winston-Salem is vying to become the state’s next food destination. But can the city convince eaters? Winston-Salem has quietly evolved from a culinary also-ran into one of the state’s significant restaurant cities, building a food scene that’s garnering awards, drawing the attention of prestigious …
Forsyth County Survey

We want to know what you think! Forsyth County hopes to gain feedback from residents about our community and about our County government. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. Your answers will help the Forsyth County Commissioners and staff learn about opportunities and challenges facing our community.
Keep Winston Warm 400

Winston-Salem Police Department’s Bike Patrol gives out blankets to those who need them all winter long, and they are completely out! Let’s make sure they have all the blankets necessary to help those in need. 
How to Feen An Artist - Mary Huglund

I normally don’t post GoFundMe efforts in the newsletter. However, this is Mary Haglund of Mary’s, Mary’s Of Course and Mary’s Gourmet Diner and I could not resist providing my help. A documentary is being made called “How To Feed An Artist”. Folks may not realize the groups of of …